Today the DH Awards group announced their winners for best DH projects of 2013. The nominating body is an international group of scholars and the voting is open to the community. Its an interesting collection of sites–browsing the non-selected entrants will bring much reward. You can find the winners posted here. There were six categories this year, which I list here with the winning projects:

I don’t have a whole lot of comments on the selections; they seem pretty good to me, though the selection of the journal site seems a bit off to me, as, (1), you can read it in English, and (2), its a journal more than a DH project. I liked the 2nd runner-up in that category better, a Greek-Dutch wordbook (Woordenboek Grieks/Nederlands), for both obvious and personal reasons. was also in that category.

I was also happy to see that UNC Digital Innovation Lab’s DH Press was the second runner-up in the “Best DH tool or suite of tools” category; go Triangle! The Ancient Lives site is also an interesting project to check out. The selection of the Our Marathon project is a timely one–I’m going to mention it in my Omeka presentation today. Be sure to check out the other entrants as well and feel free to take a look at the statistics.